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Pearson Education (InformIT)
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mohammed Hussien Fathi AbdelAzizi

Prijects manager - Bussiness System analyst

Egypt|Computer Software
Work Experience
False Prijects manager - Bussiness System analyst, Azka
Education Faculty of Engineering
hasan abo bakr
Faculty of Engineering
B.Sc. Engineering , Computer Science Department
1994 - 1999
hasan abo bakr , 76.00 %
B2B Agent Based System
ASP.NET Professional
Visual Basic .Net Intermediate
Visual Basic 6.0 Expert
Microsoft SQL Server Professional
Microsoft Office Access Expert
Microsoft Project Expert
Microsoft Office Visio Expert
Dream Weaver Professional
JSP Intermediate
JAVA Professional
Crystal Reports Expert
Microsoft Reporting Service Professional
Microsoft Analysis Services Intermediate
HTML Professional
Static Analysis by Tools Expert
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professional
Prijects manager - Bussiness System analyst , Azka
02 Nov 2006 - 29 Feb 2012
 Analyst and PM For Human Resources System  Analyst and PM For DocFlow System  Analyst and PM For Web Application .net(Inventory-Account-sell- Purchase- Customer-Supplier-Fixed asset – Document Letter- Salaries)  Tools(Visio – Microsoft Project – Graph-Evaluation Models)
Arabic Excellent
English Very Good