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Pearson Education (InformIT)
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Boussenna ines

Human Resources Assistant

Work Experience
False Human Resources Assistant, Oasis Conseil
False Management Training, Ideal Home Agency
False HR Training, Agricultural National Bank
Education Faculty of Children Education
National Institute of Labour and Social Studies
Notes Although I have an excellent relationship with my present employers, I feel my prospects with them are too limited, that is why I am looking forward to working with a larger company and an international environment, in addition to practice new management politics and strategies in order to improve the employee motivation so performance.
Faculty of Children Education
B.Sc. Commerce , Information System Department
2005 - 2007
National Institute of Labour and Social Studies , 12.15 %
Management & HR Development
Web Services Professional
Microsoft Office Access Professional
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Professional
Microsoft Office Excel Professional
Microsoft Office Word Professional
Adobe Flash Professional
Configuration Management Professional
Human Resources Assistant , Oasis Conseil
01 Jun 2009 - 29 Feb 2012
My responsibilities have included Casework staff and management staff and processing of personal records through the payroll by the payroll software wise with different sectoral agreements and prepare statements of income on wages from the employer and employee. In addition to the team work organization and the regulation of various litigation matters in litigation with the Inspectorate of Labour and Social Security Fund and records and medical care.
Management Training , Ideal Home Agency
01 Feb 2009 - 29 Feb 2012
As an online publisher saling marketing in the real-eastate field. My responsibilities have included secretarial work, meeting customers, and all tasks of rental management.
HR Training , Agricultural National Bank
01 Oct 2006 - 29 Feb 2012
Meeting customers, and financial operations and records for companies and particular same, such as taxes in their wages.
Arabic Excellent
English Very Good
French Excellent
Certificate in accounting practice: Software SAGE Payroll and Accounting Oasis Conseil
in the Certificate in Original method of Active Search for New Ideas for Entrepreneurship Tunisian Agency for Vocational Training