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Microsoft Press Pearson Education (InformIT)
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Pearson Education (InformIT)
Mahmoud Mohamed Habib Allah

Mahmoud Mohamed Habib Allah

Organizer and Team Leader

Egypt|Information Technology (IT)
Work Experience
False Organizer and Team Leader, ESEA
Education Faculty of Computers & Informatics
Sibya Secondry School
Faculty of Computers & Informatics
B.Sc. Computer Science , Information Technology Department
2006 - 2010
Sibya Secondry School , 96.00 %
Visual C++ Professional
Java Script Intermediate
My SQL Professional
Microsoft Office PowerPoint Professional
Microsoft Office Word Intermediate
Dream Weaver Intermediate
Adobe Flash Basic
Adobe PhotoShop Intermediate
J2ME Basic
Python Basic
J2EE Intermediate
J2SE Intermediate
JSP Intermediate
JAVA Professional
Oracle JDeveloper Intermediate
Microsoft Windows Professional
Linux Basic
PHP Professional
HTML Expert
AJAX Intermediate
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Basic
Servlets Intermediate
JSF Basic
ADF Intermediate
Organizer and Team Leader , ESEA
01 Jan 2007 - 29 Feb 2012
Organizer and Team leader
Arabic Very Good
English Very Good