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Mostafa Morshdi

DVD Author and Designer

Egypt|Graphics Designing
Work Experience
False DVD Author and Designer, Egyptian Visual
False Website Designer and Database Administrator, Media trainia (ORASCOM TELECOM)
False Website Designer , International Library of Design ILD
False Instructor, Shooter Education Center (IBM)
Education Faculty of Commerce
youssef Elsebai
Faculty of Commerce
B.Sc. Commerce , Information Technology Department
1995 - 2000
youssef Elsebai , 70.00 %
Dream Weaver Intermediate
Adobe FreeHand Intermediate
Adobe Flash Intermediate
Adobe PhotoShop Professional
Adobe Premiere Basic
Adobe Illustrator Intermediate
DVD Author and Designer , Egyptian Visual
16 Apr 2005 - 29 Feb 2012
Create Menus and links between buttons. Adjust Video and audio sync. For the right format for the Authoring application. Adjust Subtitle with multi languages. Chaptering video. Finalize the DVD master for manufactory production process. Create the DVD print out cover and label. Mark up, paste, and assemble final cover layout to prepare for printing.
Website Designer and Database Administrator , Media trainia (ORASCOM TELECOM)
01 Aug 2004 - 29 Feb 2012
Create Web documents as required and assist members of the MediaTrinia staff with questions about HTML coding, image manipulation, and other web-related technology issues. Work on special Web programming and/or database projects . Develop User Interface screens and Administrative screens using HTML, ASP, JavaScript, CSS and Macromedia Flash.
Website Designer , International Library of Design ILD
01 Jun 2002 - 29 Feb 2012
Designing Web Sites designs Layout. Each design have to made with 12 color scheme and flash and graphics. Every month I add about 6 to 12 new design with its 12 color scheme Arabic and English. Using CSS techniques and JavaScript interactivities . The Website design support Multi Languages from one language to 12 languages For Ex.: Francis, Espanola, Italian, Portages, Japanese, Chariness...etc
Instructor , Shooter Education Center (IBM)
01 May 2002 - 29 Feb 2012
Instructing HTML, JavaScript, Networking Fundamentals, WIN2000 PRO. And server Fundamentals and Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver.
Arabic Excellent
English Very Good
French Fair
Finalcut studio 2.0 Russian culture center
mastering freehand YAT education center
CIW Foundation 410 IBM
CIW Application Developer 430 IBM