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Microsoft Press Pearson Education (InformIT)
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Pearson Education (InformIT)
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mohamed adam

Project Manager

Egypt|Information Technology (IT)
Work Experience
False Project Manager, Proupto
False .net web developer, Aljazierah transport co.
Education Faculty of Commerce
no school
Faculty of Commerce
B.Sc. Commerce , Information Technology Department
1982 - 2002
no school , 70.00 %
Visual C# Professional
ASP.NET Professional
Web Services Intermediate
JQuery Intermediate
AJAX Controls Toolkit Intermediate
Microsoft SQL Server Intermediate
IBM DB2 Basic
J2EE Basic
J2SE Intermediate
HTML Intermediate
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Intermediate
IBM WebSphere Basic
Project Manager , Proupto
01 Apr 2011 - 29 Feb 2012
Analysis , coding , testing all the project phases.
.net web developer , Aljazierah transport co.
01 Jan 2009 - 29 Feb 2012
use .net 2010 to solve all the companies problems . manage the web site to the company . update the web application inside the company.
Arabic Excellent
English Very Good
Sun Java Programmer Certified V5.0 (SCJP). SUN Microsystem
IBM WebSphere Application developer IBM