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Microsoft Press Pearson Education (InformIT)
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Pearson Education (InformIT)
New Year, New Release. Version has been released Version has been released and contains the following features:

General Features:

  1. Filtering Cities by the selected Country.
  2. Improving the performance of the site.

For Qualifiers:

  1. Qualifiers are allowed to accept and confirm the Interview.
  2. Adding Skype Id for qualifiers to allow companies to contact them for Voice & Video Chat interviews.
  3. Qualifier can Edit his references and asking them to verify that they know and have worked with him.
  4. Displaying the average rating of the qualifier made by companies.

For Company:

  1. Integration with Skype to call Qualifiers when you make the Voice or Video Chat interview.
  2. You can set the interview completed after completing it.
  3. Displaying today's interviews and Accepted and Completed.
  4. Allow Companies to rate Qualifiers and right reviews.

Happy Posting Jobs. Happy Applying to Jobs

Thanks a lot for your Time and Collaboration.
Ultra Developers Team