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Microsoft Press Pearson Education (InformIT)
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Pearson Education (InformIT) Version has been released Version has been released and contains the following features:

General Features:

  1. Filtering available Jobs RSS feed by companies.
  2. Searching in Lists. (When selecting a large list, a type to search in orange region will appear).
  3. New sharing design.
  4. News are displayed in a more attractive view.

For Qualifiers:

  1. Viewing Qualifier Image in the Qualifier Default Page.
  2. Adding an Indicator that display Qualifier Profile Completeness.
  3. Adding a link to edit your profile and resume.
  4. Adding editing feature in Studies, Techical Skills, Work Experience,  Languages, Certificates, Courses and References sections.
  5. Inviting friends to join Recrutiment Service.
  6. Formatting Current Work and References that have been verified.
  7. When viewing a job as a qualifier, there is an Icon beside each job Technical skill that stating if you meet this qualification or not.
For Company:
  1. Making Min.Salary, Max.Salary, Min.Age and Max.Age optional items when posting a job.
  2. You have to add Technical Skills to each job to notify qualifiers that have these Technical Skills.
  3. When making an Interview Request, you have to choose a type that contains Personal, Phone, Voice Chat and Video Chat.
  4. Making Interview Time as a list.
  5. Searching Interview Requests in a date interval.

Happy Posting Jobs. Happy Applying to Jobs.

Thanks a lot for your Time and Collaboration.
Makhaly.Net Recruitment Team