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Pearson Education (InformIT)
Makhaly.Net Recruitment Service Demo for IT Qualifiers

The main target of the Makhaly.Net Recruitment Service is to act as a bridge between job seekers on the one hand and job providers on the other. There is always a demand for talent, skilled and experienced workers in IT field.

Whether, a company or agency is looking for a professional developer who can develop high quality software or a qualified Software Architect who can design long-term, reliable and adaptive technical architectures, and constitute a technical gateway between the project manager and the developers.

Makhaly.Net Recruitment Service is there for assistance and consulting by expert IT supervision.

So, kindly we would like to inform you that Makhaly.Net Recruitment Service was recently launched at

If you are an IT Qualifier, you can register at Makhaly.Net Recruitment Service by using the following link: