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Pearson Education (InformIT)
Quran Explorer for Windows 8 reaches 9,190+ Downloads

Quran Explorer is an application that helps people to read Quran every day. It contains all you need about Holy Quran Parts, Surahs, and pages. You can save multiple bookmarks. You can add many bookmarks as you need, edit, update and delete bookmarks as you need.

Quran Explorer will remind you to read Surah Al Kahf every Friday on the time you have provide. Quran Explorer will remind you to read Quran on every day on the time you specify for your daily reading session.

Quran Explorer is made from Mushaf Al Madina with Uthmanic Drawing. Quran Explorer Bookmarks display the part that this bookmark is in, Surah name and page number.

Quran Explorer saves and loads the last page you read, so you can continue reading easily.
The Reading Page Tile display the last reading page information like Part, Surah name and page number.

With Quran Explorer you can share where you are reading now to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Windows Live social networks.

In About page, you can tap the email address to send an email to program developer about an issue or feedback.

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